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To protect, to serve, to sicken


Re “LAPD employees sue over vaccine mandate,” Sept. 13

To all you police officers and firefighte­rs who are paid to protect the people of Los Angeles, the city I’m proud to claim as my birthplace, I challenge you all to respond the way firefighte­rs in New York City did 20 years ago.

If they could find the courage within themselves to run toward that hellish calamity without a thought about their own safety, surely you all can show what big men and women you are by summoning the courage to get a vaccine. Darlene Moses

Olympius Yorba Linda

You cannot defund them, you cannot prosecute them or fire with cause, you cannot disobey an order from them — yet when the officers in the Los Angeles Police Department are told to get a simple shot to protect themselves and the people who pay them, they whine like babies.

“To protect and to serve” should be a two-way street.

Perhaps we should get some tougher people for this job, such as the children who are vaccinated by pediatrici­ans every year. Richard Harger

Redondo Beach

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