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California has a GOP problem


Re “Status quo is preserved, but what’s next?” Sept. 15

In the wake of the failed effort to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom, two reforms must take place to strengthen California’s democracy.

First, the recall process must be reformed. It is proven to be a deeply flawed, undemocrat­ic waste of resources.

Second, the Republican Party must be reformed. Currently it is an anti-science, anti-democratic, anti-immigrant, anti-reason cult that has little chance of winning a statewide election.

Its candidates cry foul where none exists.

A fully functionin­g democracy requires the party out of power to make good-faith critiques of the government. Unfortunat­ely, the Republican brand is so loaded with nonsense that it can only muster a cacophony of misinforma­tion and discredite­d theories that an increasing majority of California­ns isn’t buying.

California­ns want a state that continues to protect all its residents, has a healthy economy and works to solve the problems that confront us. Currently, Republican candidates only serve as obstacles to this. Fred Burgess


No, Gov. Newsom, we didn’t all vote to approve the status quo.

I voted to say no to conservati­ve judicial appointmen­ts. I voted to say no to a further loss of choice for those without a voice. I voted to say no to ensure our state wouldn’t incur any more harm.

I didn’t vote to keep you in power; I voted to keep the Republican­s out. Samantha West

Los Angeles

The projected $276 million to put on the recall election was tax money well spent.

Think about it: California

was forced to inject $276 million into the economy, creating jobs for election workers, PR firms and many others. In exchange, we got to tell the Republican­s that almost two-thirds of our state believes Newsom is a good governor.

Newsom’s job sounds stressful in the extreme. It comes with a first-term recall effort, endless scrutiny by bad-faith actors who caterwaul about restaurant choices, and media who say he should change his style of leadership.

Why would anyone want that job?

Kathi Smith Ojai

Congratula­tions, Gov. Newsom, on beating the recall. I see you believe yours was a victory for “all those things that we hold dear as California­ns and I would argue as Americans,” including “economic justice, social justice, racial justice, environmen­tal justice.”

How about adding to your list reducing crime, solving the homelessne­ss crisis, improving forest management, planning for water and power shortages and supporting our small business?

Enough with the platitudes, governor. Do something for us. Gary Rubenstein

Los Angeles

 ?? Robert Gauthier Los Angeles Times ?? LARRY ELDER garnered far more votes than any of his GOP recall opponents.
Robert Gauthier Los Angeles Times LARRY ELDER garnered far more votes than any of his GOP recall opponents.

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