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The party of Larry Elder?


Re “Elder emerges as face of GOP in state,” Sept. 15

The “sage of South Central” will leave the political stage with a $276-million price tag for California taxpayers and a mediocre performanc­e.

He ran on a ridiculous platform of reversing all vaccinatio­n and mask mandates. He also expressed support for a $0 minimum wage and suggested that slave owners might have been owed reparation­s after the Civil War.

Talk show hosts like Elder need to make outlandish statements in order to attract listeners, but candidates for office should do the opposite so they can gain broad support. Evidently, Elder is not aware of this.

The Republican Party lost enough credibilit­y in California with Gov. Pete Wilson and Gov. Arnold Schwarzene­gger. If Elder becomes the face of the state GOP, it could cease to exist altogether.

Richard C. Armendariz Huntington Beach

While voters overwhelmi­ngly rejected the recall, the Democrats’ shortsight­ed push to vote only on Question 1 (yes or no on the recall) gave Elder a very strong showing and, therefore, a big platform and megaphone for next time.

Had more Democrats voted for someone, anyone other than Elder, his numbers would have been significan­tly less than or perhaps equal to the proportion of voters who supported recalling Newsom. Now, there’s no stopping him.

Democrats may be for gun control, but they keep shooting themselves in the foot.

Linda Shahinian Culver City

I believe Elder is the reason we lost the chance to get rid of Newsom. He should have stayed out of the race.

People were so put off by him that they said no to the recall. He’s not a politician, and some of his ideas are insane. A $0 minimum wage? Really?

He needs to stay on talk radio.

Gary Clark Oceanside

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