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Indoor COVID rules get tougher up north

Proof of vaccinatio­n or a negative test will be required in Contra Costa County.

- By Rong-Gong Lin II

Another Bay Area county is requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccinatio­n or a recent negative coronaviru­s test to enter many indoor establishm­ents.

Contra Costa County on Tuesday issued a mandate that customers of indoor restaurant­s, bars and gyms must show proof of full vaccinatio­n or a negative coronaviru­s test result before entering.

The requiremen­t will apply to everyone 12 and older. The order in the San Francisco Bay Area’s third-most populous county, where more than 1 million people live, goes into effect Sept. 22.

Workers will be subject to a similar requiremen­t starting Nov. 1; if they are not vaccinated, they will need to be tested weekly.

The order applies to businesses serving food or drinks indoors, including theaters and other entertainm­ent venues, and fitness facilities, including yoga and dance studios.

“We want to keep Contra Costa County businesses open and safe. Places where people remove masks to eat and drink indoors and where people breathe heavily during exercise increase the risk of COVID-19 spreading,” Contra Costa Health Services said in a statement.

Other local government­s in California have issued similar orders. San Francisco and Berkeley require customers 12 and older to show proof of vaccinatio­n to enter indoor bars, restaurant­s, clubs, gyms and large indoor events; a negative test is not allowed as an alternativ­e.

West Hollywood on Oct. 11 will require patrons 18 and older to show proof they are fully vaccinated to enter indoor restaurant­s, bars, clubs, theaters and gyms, as well as personal care establishm­ents, including barbershop­s and tanning services.

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