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The Times’ NFL writer, Sam Farmer, examines this week’s matchups. Lines according to FanDuel (O/U = over/under). Last week’s record 7-9 (.438). Using point spreads with the scores Farmer predicted, the record against the spread last week would have been 6-9-1 (.400). Times are Pacific.

Washington 21, Giants 17

TV: NFL Network. Line: Washington by 3. O/U: 401⁄2. With that abysmal offensive line, the Giants are going to have a hard time scoring. Washington quarterbac­k Taylor Heinicke hasn’t looked as good as he has at times, and it’s a short week.

Browns 31, Texans 20

TV: None. DirecTV: 705. Line: Browns by 121⁄2. O/U: 481⁄2. The Browns are 0-1 after their trip to Kansas City, but they played really well against one of the best teams in the league. The Texans are 1-0, but they clobbered the lowly Jaguars.

Broncos 24, Jaguars 14

TV: None. DirecTV: 706. Line: Broncos by 6. O/U: 451⁄2. Teddy Bridgewate­r is pretty reliable. Even without Jerry Jeudy, the Broncos have playmakers, and that defense is solid. After opener, Jaguars’ Urban Meyer has to be second-guessing his decision.

Patriots 28, Jets 20

TV: None. DirecTV: 707. Line: Patriots by 51⁄2. O/U: 421⁄2. Mac Jones is the real deal, and he’s hard to fool for a rookie. The ball goes where it should. The Jets’ defense did a decent job against Carolina, but that offense isn’t quite there yet.

Steelers 27, Raiders 23

TV: Channel 2. DirecTV: 708. Line: Steelers by 51⁄2. O/U: 461⁄2. The Raiders are coming off a huge win, and Gus Bradley’s defense looks really promising. But they have to go across the country to face a solid bounce-back team with a good offensive line rebuild.

Saints, 23, Panthers 17

TV: None. DirecTV: 709. Line: Saints by 31⁄2. O/U: 441⁄2. The Saints aren’t as good as they looked, and Green Bay isn’t as bad. Carolina can rush the passer a bit. New Orleans is going to keep it on the ground and play keep-away. Close, but visitors hang on.

Bears 23, Bengals 21

TV: None. DirecTV: 710. Line: Bears by 11⁄2. O/U: 441⁄2. Is it time for Justin Fields in Chicago? Bears fans certainly want to see him. Cincinnati is coming off an win over the not-bad Vikings, but the Bears find a way to rebound after a loss in L.A.

Rams 28, Colts 23

TV: Channel 11. DirecTV: 711. Line: Rams by 31⁄2. O/U: 471⁄2. Rams might come back to earth a bit after rolling a bad Bears team, but their confidence is cresting with Matthew Stafford. Except for some lousy decisions, Colts would’ve been in Seattle game.

Bills 28, Dolphins 24

TV: None. DirecTV: 712. Line: Bills by 31⁄2. O/U: 471⁄2. The Bills need to prove they can run, and stop the run. The Dolphins are getting receiver Will Fuller back, which should help, but Tua Tagovailoa still has to prove he can consistent­ly get ball there.

49ers 27, Eagles 24

TV: None. DirecTV: 713. Line: 49ers by 31⁄2. O/U: 491⁄2. Losing Jason Verrett and Raheem Mostert really hurts the 49ers, maybe not immediatel­y, but their long-term prospects. Jalen Hurts has made things sunny in Philadelph­ia ... for the moment.

Cardinals 31, Vikings 24

TV: None. DirecTV: 714. Line: Cardinals by 31⁄2. O/U: 501⁄2. The Cardinals looked really strong against Tennessee, and that defensive front was dominant. The Vikings just lost to the Bengals. As long as they’re healthy, the Cardinals are a good team.

Buccaneers 38, Falcons 17

TV: None. DirecTV: 715. Line: Buccaneers by 111⁄2. O/U: 511⁄2. The Buccaneers are rested and ready, and Atlanta’s only chance is Tampa Bay overlookin­g them. That’s not going to happen with Bruce Arians as coach. This shouldn’t last a half.

Chargers 28, Cowboys 27

TV: Channel 2. DirecTV: 716. Line: Chargers by 31⁄2. O/U: 551⁄2. Really impressive win for the Chargers at Washington, and they should win their opener at SoFi. Won’t be easy against these rested Cowboys, though. Dallas defense is better than advertised.

Seahawks 31, Titans 24

TV: None. DirecTV: 717. Line: Seahawks by 41⁄2. O/U: 531⁄2. The Titans have big-name targets, but A.J. Green looks like a possession guy and Julio Jones is a shell of his former self. Russell Wilson has so many places he can go with the football.

Chiefs 30, Ravens 21

TV: Channel 4. Line: Chiefs by 31⁄2. O/U: 551⁄2. Orlando Brown is a liability at left tackle for the Chiefs, but he should be good enough against his former team, as Baltimore doesn’t have great edge rushers. Kansas City keeps it rolling.

Packers 31, Lions 21

TV: ESPN. Line: Packers by 111⁄2. O/U: 481⁄2. Aaron Rodgers at home after such an embarrassi­ng opener? The Lions did a good job coming back, but with Jared Goff coming to town, go with Rodgers in showdown of former Cal quarterbac­ks.

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