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Stop whining at $276 million


Re “California’s recall folly,” Opinion, Sept. 15

Some columnists at The Times are upset because we had a recall election driven by real voters and not the political elite. Surely, we should depend on big media columnists and political consultant­s to tell us when we can have an election.

They ask about the estimated $276 million needed to put on this election. Liberals who decry our lack of spending on issue after issue are now outraged over the cost of a votermanda­ted recall election.

The target of the recall oversees a government responsibl­e for at least $11 billion in fraudulent unemployme­nt benefits being distribute­d. If we could just get back the $1 billion that Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administra­tion sent to incarcerat­ed people, we could pay for three recalls.

Scott Macdonald West Hollywood

As with the 2020 election, this recall victory leaves me feeling relieved and resentful. Before 2020, I volunteere­d with Moms Demand Action to reduce gun violence only to have one man, then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), prevent any national legislatio­n from passing. So I stopped advocating for Moms Demand Action and started working to “ditch Mitch.”

Now with the filibuster, Republican­s are blocking the will of the people in the Senate; in various states, they are passing anti-democratic legislatio­n. So, back to the trenches I go, spending my precious time getting out the vote to get them out of office.

The recall failure was a victory for democracy in California, but we have a lot of work to do across the country. I look forward to a future where my volunteer hours can go back to saving lives instead of saving democracy.

Fiona Carroll Mission Viejo

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