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Renting storage space is a good temporary fix in certain situations, like when you’re moving. It’s not so great when you rent a unit indefinite­ly because you’ve run out of space at home – Long-term renting can be pricey.

According to a study by move.org, the average cost to rent a container is $89 per month or $1,068 per year. Why not save that money by clearing out the container instead? Here are easy ways to deal with some of the most popular items people store in self-service containers.

Paperwork: If you’ve got boxes and boxes of paperwork – like old paychecks, utility bills, and warranties for appliances you no longer own – you may be holding onto lots of documents that you can get rid of, which will free up lots of space in your home. Take taxes: According to the IRS, you only have to keep the returns three years from the date you filed.

Clothing: Not surprising­ly, clothing put into storage can trigger an emotional reaction, whether it’s your grandmothe­r’s pearls or a classic t-shirt. One way to help you make a decision: Look at an item you think you’ll keep then revisit it at a future date. When you see the item again later, you may not feel it’s as important to you as it was before. Another tactic: Give yourself a bag – just one – for the clothing you want to keep.

Furniture: Many people are also sentimenta­l about furniture because it brings back happy memories. If you decide you can’t keep a certain piece, donate it if still in decent shape to a local charity.

Electronic­s: Have hard copies of home videos, or even filmstrips? The modern space saver: converting any home videos to an easily accessible and storable format. Best of all? It keeps the nostalgic, warm, fuzzy analog feel.

Magazines: Some day you plan on relaxing with all the periodical­s you never have time to read now. But that day may be far away, and the pile keeps getting bigger. Why not ask your local public library if you could donate the magazines? If not, put them in your recycling bin.

 ?? Photo courtesy of Content That Works ?? A cluttered storage space seems daunting, but cleaning it out saves money.
Photo courtesy of Content That Works A cluttered storage space seems daunting, but cleaning it out saves money.

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