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So, when can we talk politics?


Like many thousands of families across America, mine is gathering for Thanksgivi­ng dinner. Oh, there will be the usual talk about food, sports, kids and the latest conversati­ons anyone had with extended family members.

What will be missing is conversati­on about the issues affecting the country today — like the politics around COVID-19, racial and cultural conflicts, immigratio­n policy and other hot-button issues.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of having family gatherings where few people want to discuss any real topics that affect our everyday lives.

As I shared my thoughts with my wife, she said to me, “Why not have a day designated for discussing these kind of issues?” I thought that was a meaningful suggestion.

I propose that a national “Truth in Conversati­on Day” be created. I propose that this day be held the second Sunday of October each year (to continue the trend of replacing Columbus Day). Also, Sunday is the day of the week when most people are not working.

On Thanksgivi­ng, many people say they are thankful for their families and friends, having their needs met and for their material gains. As much as we might have, we are part of a world that needs much attention and fixing.

When we are together, let’s set time aside to talk about what needs to addressed.

Jeff Pryor Rancho Cucamonga

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