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‘I refuse to be bought’


Re “Caruso keeps money flowing,” April 29

I am apparently not alone in being increasing­ly annoyed that billionair­es think they have a special right to take control of American society.

I do not see any connection between the ability to make money and the ability to govern communitie­s whose problems are not simply economic.

At my home in Westcheste­r, I have received as many as three mailings in one day from mayoral candidate and billionair­e developer Rick Caruso. If I could send Caruso a message in return, it would be, “I refuse to be bought.”

I prefer to trust — yes, trust — a politician who has a history of involvemen­t in my community. Henry A. Hespenheid­e

Los Angeles

For the last 40-plus years, my wife and I have been walking three to five miles a day, merrily ignorant of how dangerous it was to be on the apocalypti­c streets we visited.

Because of Caruso and his $23 million in informatio­nal expenditur­es, I can now see that Los Angeles is engulfed in flames fueled by homeless monsters and other bogeymen.

So thanks, Mr. Caruso — we’ve given up walking, locked the doors and closed the curtains. We’ll come out again when you let us know you’ve fixed it. Morrie Ruvinsky Santa Monica

I am trying to decide which mayoral candidate to vote for. What is blazingly obvious is The Times dislikes Caruso, and much of its coverage of his candidacy is negative. This is not fair journalism.

I usually am not aware of bias, but now it’s obvious. A little objectivit­y would go a long way to support our democracy.

Judith Kaplan Los Angeles

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