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More waterfowl are killed at park

- By Sara Cardine Cardine writes for Times Community News.

Less than two weeks after four ducks were found shot and killed at Costa Mesa’s TeWinkle Park, more birds have been discovered with similar injuries and taken to a wildlife rescue center, where most of them died, officials said Monday.

Costa Mesa Police Department spokespers­on Roxi Fyad said that an unspecifie­d number of ducks and geese were found at the park over the weekend.

They appeared to have sustained injuries similar to those suffered by birds whose bodies were found at TeWinkle the morning of April 18, riddled with what police believe to be pellets fired from a gun.

Officials with the Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center said Monday on Facebook that “all the injured ducks and geese that came to us on Friday have unfortunat­ely passed away.” Another bird brought into the Huntington Beach facility on Saturday, described as an American Pekin duck, was alive and being cared for by a waterfowl rehabilita­tor, the center said.

“We want to reassure people we are investigat­ing,” Fyad said.

Costa Mesa residents have expressed concern for the welfare of the waterfowl — including the more wellknown deceased ducks Darryl, Grace and Mr. Chipper — who have not only been the targets of unknown shooters but have also endured recent droppings of massive amounts of bread, tortillas and doughnuts and recent attacks by coyotes.

Sandra Cotten, a duck lover who visits TeWinkle at least once a day, said four or five waterfowl were killed by coyotes one week before the shooting incident was reported April 18.

When she went to the park Friday, an employee shared informatio­n on a more recent attack.

He “said they found three more injured ducks, and one dead mallard. I said, ‘So is this coyotes?’ and he said, ‘No, it was a gun,’ ” she said Monday.

Residents have taken to social media to ask local law enforcemen­t to install cameras at the park to help identify suspects and to suggest increased patrols of TeWinkle Park.

“I just hope they catch somebody,” Cotten said.

Anyone with informatio­n relevant to the Costa Mesa police investigat­ion is asked to call Det. Jon Smith at (714) 754-5097.

 ?? Don Leach Daily Pilot ?? GEESE and ducks nibble on bread crumbs and cubes left near the pond at TeWinkle Park in Costa Mesa.
Don Leach Daily Pilot GEESE and ducks nibble on bread crumbs and cubes left near the pond at TeWinkle Park in Costa Mesa.

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