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Stick to running California


I’m glad that Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proselytiz­ing against the policies of Republican-controlled states is making him feel better. But it’s about as effective as shaming an unmasked zealot at a supermarke­t during a surge of COVID-19.

If Newsom wants to get into a fight with a bully like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, he should do it privately on his own time in some schoolyard in Florida. Right now, he’s on the payroll of the state of California. His job descriptio­n as governor does not include being a national political preacher and savior for the Democrats.

The losses for liberals at both the Supreme Court and at the state levels didn’t happen overnight. The Democrats have been asleep at the wheel for the last 30 years while Republican­s chipped away at the state legislatur­es. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has been singularly focused on packing the Supreme Court with Federalist Society figures.

It’s time for Newsom to step away from the limelight and get back to work in Sacramento.

Steven Lutzer

Los Angeles

We have a Republican Party that has no regard for truth or facts, is devoid of honesty or integrity, with feckless leaders fearful of a twice-impeached insurrecti­onist former president. It promises revenge against Democrats if it regains control of Congress.

We have a Republican Party whose members ban books, refuse to ban assault weapons, attempt to ban immigratio­n, ban abortions, believe a 10-year-old rape victim must give birth, want to ban same-sex marriage, disparage public education, tout prayer at public school events, believe teachers should be allowed to carry a gun in school, support former President Trump’s lies, sympathize with white nationalis­ts, support white supremacy and have no interest in actually governing.

Democrats need to challenge Republican­s and refute their crazy ideology. More high-profile Democrats like Newsom need to step up and speak out against all Trumpist Republican­s.

Sometimes you must fight fire with fire. Go, Gov. Newsom!

Nelson Sagisi Santa Maria

I was a 60-year resident of Los Angeles. Now I live in Georgia, and I love it.

Although I am a conservati­ve, I have to agree with Newsom on the way other states portray California. I constantly hear others make fun of the people, politics and lifestyle in California, and that offends me.

Newsom is completely accurate in his statements.

Willie Olmstead Powder Springs, Ga.

 ?? Kent Nishimura Los Angeles Times ?? GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM waits offstage Wednesday before accepting an innovation award in Washington.
Kent Nishimura Los Angeles Times GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM waits offstage Wednesday before accepting an innovation award in Washington.

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