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It isn’t ageist to question Biden


Re “Bad politics or bad punditry?” letters, July 14, and “President Biden’s dangerous left turn,” Opinion, July 12

While I seldom agree with Jonah Goldberg, I feel that his column about President Biden’s leftward drift was on the mark, contrary to both letters that The Times published on that subject.

In my view, Goldberg nailed Biden’s total inadequacy for the presidency. He aptly focused on the president’s out-of-touch leftism when the country is centrist at best.

There’s no denying that the presidency is one of the world’s toughest jobs — nor that Biden is way past his effective age. He does a fine imitation of the Grandpa Joe character in the film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

This observatio­n is not so-called ageism. The presidency is enormously taxing for a person half Biden’s age.

The Democratic Party must hew to the center to have any chance in the midterm, and under no circumstan­ces should Biden run for reelection. Without a course correction, and soon, the Democrats are history.

Betty Turner Sherman Oaks

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