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This is climate change in 2022. It’ll get worse

- Huntington Beach

Re “As Europe bakes, fires ravage coastal France,” July 16

People naturally dodge dark thoughts. But your coverage of Europe facing record-breaking heat and wildfires should scare the heck out of us all. France. Croatia. Hungary. Thousands of firefighte­rs. Evacuation­s. It’s only mid-July 2022. The global warming trend is oppressive­ly upward. What are we to expect in September, in 2023 or five years from now?

Just focus on Bordeaux. We know that area of France for fine wines and cheeses. Now Bordeaux means tens of thousands of blazing acres.

We must wake up. Vote. Support candidates who will act to slow the ominous climate catastroph­e that makes protracted political discussion look like childish prattle.

Roy Buzz McCord

Europe is baking, with wildfires incinerati­ng regions of Portugal, Spain, France, Croatia and Hungary. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom is sweltering under temperatur­es of 100 degrees.

Our younger son relocated from San Francisco to alpine France about six months ago. Mt. Blanc can be seen from his yard. Yet even there, he says, the temperatur­es are very hot, which cannot be good for our infant grandson.

Racers in the Tour de France had to contend with temperatur­es above 100 degrees. In fact, a climate protest erupted in this year’s race.

At the same time, the Washburn fire threatens our famed and beloved Mariposa Grove of giant sequoias in Yosemite. When will government­s dramatical­ly cut carbon emissions? Tom Osborne

Laguna Beach

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