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Re “Manchin’s dangerous betrayal,” editorial, July 19

I couldn’t agree more that Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) cannot be trusted to vote to protect future generation­s from climate disaster. But by focusing on Manchin, we are letting Republican­s off the hook.

We all trundle along, accepting without question that not a single Republican

senator will vote to address climate change.

What is the matter with Republican­s? They and their descendant­s will bake right along with Democrats in triple-digit heat waves. It is long past time that Republican­s are held to account for their reckless choices, which affect us all. Sarah Tamor

Santa Monica

Manchin’s concern over the inflationa­ry risks of climate change measures would be laughable if normally temperate parts of the world were not literally on fire.

The Office of Management and Budget has documented that in the U.S., estimated damages from extreme climate-related weather events have increased to about $120 billion a year over the past five years.

A recent Deloitte Economic Institute analysis showed that an inadequate response to climate change could cost the U.S. economy $14.5 trillion in the next 50 years. Conversely, the U.S. economy could gain $3 trillion if it rapidly decarboniz­es.

Let’s hope Manchin comes to his senses, and quickly.

Lorraine Woodman

Santa Barbara

Is the issue really climate change, or frustratio­n because Manchin is representi­ng the interests of his state — coal-rich West Virginia — and not California?

This might come as a shock, but states have different priorities.

David L. McDaniel

Capistrano Beach

In honor of Manchin blocking federal government action on global warming, I propose that unusual climate change conditions be named after him.

Record temperatur­es in the United Kingdom? A Manchin event. One hundred million people in the U.S. face excessive heat warnings this week? A Manchin event. Wildfires in France and Spain and a drought in Portugal? Manchin events.

When the rivers supplying water to much of the Southweste­rn U.S. finally dry up, call this a Manchin event. Let’s make sure his legacy is known for generation­s to come.

Yes, there are 50 senators on the other side of the aisle who could claim naming rights as well, but Manchin was the one who could have made a difference on climate change, and he decided not to do so.

Tom Irish Rancho Palos Verdes

 ?? Kent Nishimura Los Angeles Times ?? SEN. JOE MANCHIN dealt a blow to his party’s efforts to enact a climate and tax package.
Kent Nishimura Los Angeles Times SEN. JOE MANCHIN dealt a blow to his party’s efforts to enact a climate and tax package.

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