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Lighting doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. Besides being a necessity when a room is dark (no tripping!), lamps, sconces, ceiling fixtures and other lighting products add instant personalit­y to a room.

Go bold with colorful pendants in the kitchen or indulge your artistic side with a sculptural chandelier in your bedroom – both looks are trending. Read on for more lighting ideas that are popular today:

Brass is back: the finish has returned to the world of lighting. Long considered only a traditiona­l finish, today “it feels very bespoke and has a luxurious feel,” says John P. Cialone, partner and VP of Tom Stringer Design Partners in Chicago. As a warm tone, brass pairs well with trendy colors (like Sherwin Williams’ color of the year, Evergreen Fog) as well as nature-inspired palettes.

Mixed metals: The once-popular look of all matching metal finishes has transition­ed into spaces with mixed and layered metal tones, says Cialone. “Brass, for example, is warm and works well against bronze tones and can even be mixed with silver finishes.”

Chic but simple: According to the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) 2022 Trends Report, homeowners want designs that promote balance and an overall sense of well-being. “Ease of maintenanc­e is really important right now,” says Cialone. “Simple open-frame fixtures that are light in scale with minimal or no glass feels right and allows lighting to be decorative without feeling heavy.”

Layered lighting: Try a combinatio­n of recessed and integrated lights, decorative wall sconces and interestin­g ceiling fixtures, says Cialone. It’s done to create “an individual look and great control over the quality of light for different activities. Using a layered lighting approach offers flexibilit­y.” With spaces being very multi-functional today, “we need to plan for every eventualit­y from a formal dinner party to homework all in the same space,” he says.

Environmen­tally friendly products: The ASID report acknowledg­ed that homeowners are factoring sustainabi­lity into their product choices. “They’re selecting energy-efficient LED bulbs over incandesce­nt lights,” says Cialone, “and smart-home technology products, such as lighting systems that use voice-activated devices.” Motion sensors are also popular: They decrease energy waste and increase sustainabi­lity in the homes they’re in.

Vintage and antique looks: A favorite overall trend of Cialone’s is reuse, and that can be applied to lamps, ceiling lights and sconces. “What is better than finding something vintage or antique and adding it to a space?” he says. “The secondhand market for luxury and unique lighting is quite strong.”

 ?? Photo courtesy of Content That Works ?? Open chandelier­s and energy-saving bulbs are on trend in 2022.
Photo courtesy of Content That Works Open chandelier­s and energy-saving bulbs are on trend in 2022.

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