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A good time to ratify the ERA


Re “A desert oasis for abortion patients,” July 20

Amid the discussion on abortion rights, why isn’t anyone talking about ratifying the federal Equal Rights Amendment? As if women’s equality and freedom weren’t guaranteed by the Constituti­on, making it explicit with the ERA would also make it obvious that women are not treated equally to men.

If they were, men would carry equal responsibi­lity for pregnancy with women. After all, the baby is half of each parent.

If we feel that it’s OK to force women to carry a baby to birth, why don’t we feel that it’s OK to intrude on men’s reproducti­ve decisions (and bodies) as well?

Here’s a suggestion: Why don’t we enforce the sterilizat­ion of all men who don’t pay the total cost of the pregnancy and half the cost of raising a child until age 18? Or some equivalent program that is as intrusive as forcing all women to carry their pregnancie­s to term and, in many cases, cover the costs of child rearing themselves.

Lynn McLeod Palos Verdes

Maybe I’m being overly cautious, but these are scary times. Some people are stimulated by media reporting to act on things they feel are right.

This is why I thought it was unnecessar­y to mention in your article what city a Planned Parenthood office manager resides. We all need to be careful not to put people in harm’s way. Melinda Larsen

Westlake Village

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