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A bridge for Boyle Heights


Re “6th Street Viaduct is shut down again,” July 25

The 6th Street bridge was closed for several consecutiv­e nights supposedly because of “bad actors.” On Sunday around 9:45 p.m., I rode my bike across the bridge and saw 20-plus police officers monitoring the exits of the bridge.

Otherwise, I was touched by what I saw: a car-free reality that I hope can be possible over the long term, something that prioritize­s connecting the communitie­s this bridge serves.

The media have cast the bad actors as coming from the Boyle Heights side of the bridge. What I saw was different— the toddlers playing in the street, kids on scooters, family and friends just enjoying the last of the weekend. It was the true innocence of Boyle Heights.

Angela Funk

Los Angeles

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