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‘This is dumb. Don’t do this’


Re “A way to fight climate change or a ruse to help oil industry?” July 25

While there may be a place for carbon-capture technology in certain industries, the fossil fuel industry is not one of them. We know the solution for stopping the emissions from oil drilling, and it’s quite simple: Stop drilling for oil.

If capturing the carbon dioxide emitted from the Elk Hills natural gas power plant near Bakersfiel­d would be equivalent to taking 300,000 cars off the road, then let’s close that power plant.

We need to be laserfocus­ed on ending our dependence on oil and gas by decarboniz­ing the electric grid, transporta­tion and housing, not extending the life of the fossil fuel industry. Catherine Ronan

Los Angeles

As a strong environmen­talist but not an extremist, I support the carbon-capture and storage projects, with the proviso that we negotiate the plan of action when one or more components of the projects fails or performs below specificat­ions.

Because for sure there will be failures, and we don’t want to negotiate under the pressure of unwanted, dangerous ongoing emissions and pollution.

Jeff Warner Los Angeles

Has the Aliso Canyon methane leak near Porter Ranch faded from memory after only six years? You cannot store a gas under pressure undergroun­d. It will leak out.

This is dumb. Don’t do this.

Bruce Potter Long Beach

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