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Ningbo Wildlife Park takes measures to help animals keep cool in summer


The Ningbo Wildlife Park in east China's Zhejiang Province treated animals to air conditioni­ng, iced fruits and cold water to help them avoid the summer heat.

To give the animals "cooling meals for summer", zookeepers made adjustment­s to their feeds as the highest temperatur­e climbed to 38 degrees Celsius in the city on Friday.

"Now I'm preparing food for the monkeys. In summer, we often give them multiple meals a day, with juicier fruits, such as watermelon. Also, in summer, mung beans would be added in Wowotou buns to prevent animals from sunstroke and keep them cool," said Chen Jianfeng, a keeper of the park.

"Summer has arrived. We have adjusted the mix of most animal feeds. For example, the ratio of fruits has been increased by 20 to 30 percent. In particular, animals would be provided with iced fruits," said Zhuo Kaicun, assistant manager of the animal management department.

Meanwhile, the park also provides cooling devices for animals to avoid the summer heat from air conditioni­ng to ice cube, electric fans, sprays and pools.

"To help animals have a comfortabl­e summer, we added three spray systems and put up some shade nets for them," Zhuo said.

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