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National Museum of China showcases century of archaeolog­ical discoverie­s


An exhibition at the National Museum of China (NMC) is showcasing an extraordin­ary array of archaeolog­ical discoverie­s from the past 100 years, as part of a series of events marking the 110th anniversar­y of the museum's founding.

The museum has selected 241 cultural relics, discovered over the last century by Chinese archaeolog­ists from more than 70 different sites around the nation, which tell the story of Chinese civilizati­on and the history of exchanges between eastern and Western cultures and nations.

"This exhibition uses 241 representa­tive cultural relics unearthed from the archaeolog­ical projects involving the National Museum of China to showcase China's archaeolog­ical achievemen­ts over the past 100 years and explore the developmen­t of Chinese civilizati­on from different dimensions of land, sea and air," said Chen Keshuang, exhibition curator

In 1921, the excavation of the ancient city of Julu in north China's Hebei Province marked the beginning of the museum's archaeolog­y work.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, the museum expanded its important archaeolog­ical work, setting up special institutes and using new techniques for underwater exploratio­n, remote sensing and aerial photograph­y.

In 2012, the NMC Archaeolog­ical Institute was set up as a replacemen­t for the former Archaeolog­ical Department and has gradually shifted the focus of its work to the northweste­rn region and border areas with large ethnic minority population­s.

"We have shifted our work to the northwest and border areas inhabited by ethnic minorities as contributi­ons to the constructi­on of the Belt and Road. We can gather key evidence reflecting the cultural exchanges and mutual learning between East and West and the emergence of the Silk Road, including the formation of a unified multi-ethnic country," said Zhuang Lina, Deputy Director of the NMC Archaeolog­ical Institute.

The relics and artifacts on display also tell a compelling story of the dedication and rigor of Chinese archaeolog­ists who have done so much to advance the understand­ing of past cultures through hard work and innovation.

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