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Nightmare of MAGA world


Re “‘Build the wall’ is now just a cover for ‘build the dystopia,’ ” Opinion, July 25

Thanks to columnist Jean Guerrero for exploring exactly what is behind the movement against democracy in our country.

Her answer exposing the sinister, elitist motivation­s of this movement reads almost like a liberal’s conspiracy theory, except the dots are connected with actual names, facts and quotes uttered by the individual­s involved, including Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters.

God only knows what drives these bad actors, but there’s no doubt that money, greed and entitlemen­t play a big part. They are definitely not concerned for the common good. Guerrero’s stunning column should send chills down the spine of anyone who wants this to remain a democratic country.

One thing is certain: A horrific dystopia awaits us all, including unsuspecti­ng MAGA believers, if we don’t wake up and act together to resist this Orwellian nightmare.

John Wynne Garden Grove

On the morning of July 25, I first read Guerrero’s column about farright-wingers advocating what can only be called “one world government” (which is something I thought the far right had been decrying for years).

Next, I read Nicholas Goldberg’s column about conspiracy theories, which left me wondering if anything in Guerrero’s piece was really true.

At this point, I am just a ball of confusion.

June Ailin Sewell Marina del Rey

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