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Some post-Roe solutions for men


Re “Imagine if laws like abortion bans could target men,” Opinion, July 27

Law professor Darren Rosenblum gives a lot to think about in the op-ed article “If men were targets, abortion bans would be unimaginab­le.” Men are the reason women become pregnant, and in many cases they do not contribute financiall­y during a woman’s pregnancy nor after the child is born.

Rosenblum’s idea of collecting “DNA from all sperm-producing individual­s” and creating a national registry to match all babies born so fathers are held responsibl­e isn’t as drastic as my suggestion.

Another way to help prevent unwanted pregnancie­s is for all men after puberty to have a vasectomy that can be reversed when they are ready to actually support a child. As

I said, this is drastic, but so is forcing a woman to have a child with no financial help. Donna McQuery Los Angeles

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