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Alito’s view of non-Christians


Re “U.S. society isn’t as pious. This scares Justice Alito,” Opinion, July 31

Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr.’s fear that the U.S. has lost its religious or moral compass because of an innocent question by a child who did not recognize Jesus on the cross reminded me of a story about my own son.

When my son was 5 years old, we visited the Getty Center, and it was there that he saw his first crucifix. He asked me, “What happened to him?”

Trying to explain in terms this Jewish boy would understand, I responded: “Well, that’s Jesus and he was a rabbi. He had some new ideas that the king didn’t like. So they killed him by nailing him to a cross.”

He was satisfied with that answer and we continued through the museum. About an hour later we saw another crucifix and he exclaimed, “Hey Mom, it’s the guy with the ideas!”

Alito is making assumption­s about the spiritual lives of Americans filtered through his own Catholic lens. This country was founded on the premise that we are free to practice the religion of our choosing, or none at all. There are many faiths and many paths to an ethical life.



Honestly, is America getting any better morally?

Having returned to the United States 10 years ago after living abroad for almost 35 years, I have to agree with Alito that America is in moral decline. We live in a broken world. Our secular-driven government is now stuffing its values down the throats of all American citizens.

I now see what I had never envisioned — bullying, shaming, intimidati­on, hostility and vitriol toward Americans who hold to traditiona­l moral values. When a society abandons the sacred, moral absolutes become uncommon.

The dismantlin­g of God’s moral universe has directly led to the breakdown of the family, the abuse of women, the eliminatio­n of preborn children, a proliferat­ion of divorce, sexual abuse of children and the pornificat­ion of society.

It does not take long to conclude that societies fall apart when traditiona­l morals disappear from them.


Santa Clarita quote Greene and say why you disagree.

We can figure out she is a dingbat. No need for name calling.



I agree with everything Robin Abcarian said in her column about Alito and the justices pushing their religious views down our throats.

My concern, though, is with her calling Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) a “dingbat.”

Greene is indeed a dingbat. However, I feel that Abcarian doesn’t need to call people names. Just

Justice Alito is using his position of privilege and power to hurt people. What would Jesus do?


Long Beach

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