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DOPE SICK ,” with Michael Keaton, above, remains the panel’s top pick to win. But partly due to the category-leading 20 nomination­s for “The White Lotus,” the opioid drama is no longer the consensus choice. Still, having the most nomination­s isn’t a slam-dunk indicator — consider “WandaVisio­n” led (with 23) and won only three (none for series, directing, writing or acting) in 2021. Here the BuzzMeter panelists are somewhat split. Tracy Brown writes, “I can’t imagine anything but ‘Dopesick’ winning at this point.” Glenn Whipp disagrees: “With 20 nomination­s, including a whopping eight for [acting], ‘Lotus’ really separated itself from the pack.” You can find all our picks at latimes.com/buzzmeter, where you can also vote for your own picks in our weekly polls.

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