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There was an onslaught of diverse visual effects in “Stranger Things” Season 4. Not only did the team expand the eerily creepy Upside Down and conjure an entirely new mind-numbing villain Vecna, but to pull off its most difficult challenge required the team to de-age a then 16-yearold Millie Bobby Brown to appear as a younger, pre-Season 1 Eleven.

“We looked into deep-fake technology, but we couldn’t rely on how fast it could iterate, especially at 4K,” says VFX supervisor Michael Maher Jr. The photoreali­stic imagery was a result of a meticulous process that required casting child actress Martie Marie Blair to play Young Eleven where VFX replaced her face and head with a younger version of Brown. Using VFX vendor Lola’s specialize­d lighting rig known as the Egg, they captured dozens of facial expression­s from Brown to be applied on her younger digital self. “It’s a lot of projection, 3-D modeling, 2-D work and shooting Bobby Brown present day and then grafting her head on the body of Martie. It’s a tricky process, and each shot required its own placement to get the right balance.”

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