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Overseen by VFX supervisor Dadi Einarsson, “The Witcher” crafts its epically monstrous fight sequences with thorough preparatio­n. “Starting with the script, we create previs and develop them until we have approval from our showrunner and producers,” Einarsson says. “Then we work with the stunts team to incorporat­e all of our ideas into an edit, which becomes our shooting boards.”

On set, Henry Cavill, who plays Geralt of Rivia, rigorously rehearses with stunt performers who give him cues for scale and placement. From there, VFX uses multiple witness cameras to track the action and characters in the space. They also deploy a tool called Cyclops from vendor the Third Floor, an augmented reality app that can load a 3-D version of the monster that can then be placed into the scene.

“It’s a great tool for Henry and the stunt performers to see the monsters in the space and for our directors and camera operators to block the scenes with accurate framing,” Einarsson says. The entire process allows production to shoot “organic fight sequences” that play out authentica­lly in-camera.

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