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Expanding the “Star Wars” underbelly, “The Book of Boba Fett” blends rich storytelli­ng with striking visual effects that revivify beloved planetary creatures and distant worlds (even returning a young Luke Skywalker, thanks to face-swap technology).

The test for VFX was creating the sprawling cities of Tatooine from a tiny studio backlot where a number of practical facades were constructe­d. From the sets, VFX took on the task of designing a vast number of city districts. “The village of Mos Espa has over 8,000 buildings, which was the largest set extension we ever created,” says VFX supervisor Richard Bluff. “It was also the longest we ever spent outside in direct sunlight, and one of the challenges was marrying that look across many months of shooting.” The show’s photoreal visual language is, in large part, thanks to the amount of prep that goes into each sequence. “I think the work we do practicall­y in the previs and design stage is hugely important to make sure what we photograph on the day is what we expect to work on in post,” Bluff adds.

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