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Not a ‘far-right’ recall effort


Re “Gascón is an easy scapegoat,” editorial, Aug. 3

The editorial gaslights the public about the campaign to recall L.A. County Dist. Atty. George Gascón.

The editorial asserts that lockdowns and political turmoil are the real reasons for the backlash against Gascón. To be clear, the recall is in direct response to Gascón’s pro-criminal policies, and nothing else. Just ask the victims who are leading the effort, or the 37 cities in the county that issued votes of no confidence in Gascón.

The editorial also suggests Gascón’s opposition is coming from the “far right” and opponents of reform. That is misleading. The recall has bipartisan support, funding and leadership. Many people who signed the petition voted for Gascón. We support reform, but we do not support Gascón’s twisted social experiment.

Lastly, we strongly disagree with the claim that Gascón bears minimal responsibi­lity for Los Angeles’ public safety crisis. Murderers and violent criminals also disagree; some have been recorded in jail actually celebratin­g the district attorney.

While the editorial argues that it is “fairly new and somewhat odd” to blame district attorneys for rising crime, what is truly new and odd is a district attorney who refuses to carry out the most basic mandates of his job.

When consequenc­es are substantia­lly curtailed, criminals are emboldened. And when dangerous criminals are let off early and easy, they are free to continue wreaking havoc on innocent residents. Desiree Andrade

Glendale The writer, a registered Democrat, is co-chair of the campaign to recall Gascón.

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