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Who’s being a ‘snowflake’?


Re “The GOP is ready to talk about racism (against white people),” Opinion, Aug. 1

Republican­s whining about anti-white “racism” sound a lot like the “snowflakes” they like to mock — as long as these snowflakes are people who’ve had actual injustices perpetrate­d against them.

As my daughter, now living in and loving Montana, asks anyone there who complains about the government and their white rights being trampled: “What has the government actually done to you that’s so terrible? My Japanese American family was imprisoned in internment camps for three years.”

It is both amusing and sad that the GOP has no empathy for those who were terribly wronged in the past and are still feeling its effects to this day, but it can’t handle Americans being expected to simply better understand and acknowledg­e racism.

So, who’s the real snowflake?

Pauline Hayashigaw­a-Flanders


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