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Check sources of anti-maskers


Re “Face it, COVID deniers: Masks have been effective,” column, Feb. 26

Thanks to Michael Hiltzik for debunking the unfounded belief that masks are ineffectiv­e. In my opinion, the New York Times’ publicatio­n of Bret Stephens’ column suggesting that masks do not provide protection against COVID-19 is negligent.

I am a registered nurse and an infection prevention consultant in the skilled nursing home industry, and I have been working alongside heroic healthcare workers throughout the pandemic. I have seen with my own eyes how masks protect people from acquisitio­n and transmissi­on of COVID-19.

After I read Stephens’ article, I read the Cochrane Library review that Stephens cited because I always like to check sources of informatio­n. It was clear to me that Stephens’ conclusion did not match what the Cochrane review said. He referenced a source that he clearly failed to read thoroughly.

I suggest that readers check the credibilit­y of anyone making outrageous claims. It works for me.

Dolly Greene Tarzana

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