Los Angeles Times

Bad time to blunder on homelessne­ss

Re “Skid row anger as ‘white house’ falls,” Feb. 25


Why would anyone want to destroy a refuge and a productive space for skid row residents? Stephanie Williams’ “white house” was not just an admirable venture, but essential for those downtrodde­n castaways in Los Angeles.

And the city demolished it. Why? Possibly because it was an embarrassm­ent to the feckless politician­s who have tried to handle this problem for decades.

Williams is a shining example of self-reliance, entreprene­urship and just plain moxie. She demonstrat­ed that private citizens can do a much better and more efficient job than politician­s. Unfortunat­ely, Williams was a victim of the old “stop doing such a good job, you’re making me look bad” conundrum. Rick Solomon Lake Balboa

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