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Keys to the right place at the right time

- By Hugh Hart

AHOUSE IS NOT A HOME, as the song goes, but for astute production designers, houses and other architectu­ral signifiers can go a long way toward building out the hero’s emotional landscape. Oscar-winning designer Rick Carter (“Lincoln”), nominated this year for “The Fabelmans,” says, “The real joy in production design comes in connecting the design to the story so that the director can move into a world that is not only thought out but also felt through. This allows the actors to walk onto a set and say, ‘Oooh, this reflects who I am in my character.’ It’s almost like a language that doesn’t tell you anything; it’s showing you.” This year’s Oscar-nominated production designs capture the iconograph­y of several eras, traversing war-torn battlefiel­ds, decadent Jazz Age Hollywood, the American South in the ’50s, ’60s suburbia and an alien planet nearly 150 years in the future. Here’s a look at this season’s cinematic architectu­re at its most evocative.

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