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In pursuit of passion

- Daron James

“The way the Kraffts shot volcanoes, there’s an unmistakab­le love from behind the frame, and it was so wonderful to work with that material,” director Sara Dosa says of “Fire of Love,” a documentar­y that warmly pieces together the relationsh­ip and career — and film footage — of French volcanolog­ists Katia and Maurice Krafft. Their love of “what forms and reforms the world” erupts onscreen as their fearless curiosity has them flocking from one volcano to the next, documentin­g and filming the sleeping and the active giants. The narrative explores their passion for each other and their work, which undeniably brings them closer. Metaphoric­ally, the flow of lava from red volcanoes subliminal­ly connects the fresh landscape of their relationsh­ip, while the gray, more destructiv­e volcanoes display the rocky side of their love. “Maurice once wrote, ‘For me, Katia and volcanoes, it is a love story,’ ” Dosa says. “He is giving us a thesis statement for his life, perhaps a prism through which we can interpret his legacy. He was giving us a love triangle. Not just love between him and Katia, but the third element in this triangle, the pursuit of volcanoes. That pursuit so deeply and dearly kept Katia and Maurice together.” The couple were killed in a volcanic eruption in Japan in 1991. —

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