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Pay farmers for their water


Re “Finding a way out of the Colorado River impasse,” Opinion, Feb. 27

Eric Kuhn proposes a solution to breaking the impasse to allocating water between California and the other states drawing from the Colorado River.

Unfortunat­ely, he failed to mention the one ingredient that will actually solve the impasse over water: money. Large water users in California have water rights that they will not give up unless paid an amount of money commensura­te with their actual value. And that value can be determined by what is done with the water and the end value of that use. If it’s alfalfa feed or almonds, the end result of the water use is the value of those crops.

If other users want that water for cities or other more profitable agribusine­sses, then they should agree to pay the farmers to give up their water and their farms while earning the same income from the sale of their water rights. Lester Ostroy Redondo Beach

There is only one solution to vanishing Colorado River water.

All Americans, much less the world, use goods and agricultur­e from the American Southwest. The nation spent billions building interstate highways. We pipe oil from Canada to Texas.

Water must be imported via canals, pipes and pumps from where there is an abundance.

Richard Melniker

Los Angeles

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