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Some pricey protection dogs


Re: “They sniff at human guards,” March 1

I wholeheart­edly agree that a dog is better protection from a burglary than a gun. However, that dog does not have to be a $100,000 attack dog. Just a dog barking is going to deter thieves, even from a small dog.

There are so many dogs in shelters needing homes right now. If you are worried for your safety, go adopt a pet. It’s far better for your emotional and mental health than a gun.

Lia Eng Aliso Viejo

People pay as much as $100,000 for a guard dog, while an estimated 93% of pit bulls in shelters are killed due to the stereotype that the breed is aggressive.

How senseless and depressing.

Karen Dawn Santa Barbara The writer is executive director of DawnWatch, an animal advocacy nonprofit.

This article made me so sad and at the same time very angry. Sad because it shows us that we live in a very fear-filled society and people are so paranoid. Angry at the inequality that allows a small percentage of people to spend six figures on a guard dog while so many are homeless and millions of children go to bed hungry.

Vicki Rupasinghe


This fast growing dogprotect­ion industry is yet another unfortunat­e index of the unraveling of our societal norms, which may only worsen as those who can afford to revert to such tactics to remain safe in their homes.

Elaine Livesey-Fassel

Los Angeles

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