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Stranded in the mountains


Re “Death toll climbs to 13 in mountain towns,” March 10

I can forgive officials in our local mountain communitie­s for not having enough snow-moving equipment to cope with the recent blizzards of the century. This is understand­able.

However, the deaths reported by The Times are not. These people could have been saved.

Having served as a physician in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War, I am well aware of how quickly and efficientl­y the military can react during a crisis. Troops could have been dropped by helicopter to assist stranded families.

I will never understand how the United States seems always to be the first on site worldwide to assist others in need, yet it has a hard time helping people at home.

What should have been a rescue situation in the mountains is now tragically a recovery effort.

Stephen H. Cooper Hidden Hills

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