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Oil’s place is in the ground


Re “Biden approves Willow oil-drilling project,” March 14

Strip away the hypocrisy and the self-serving claims of those who will benefit from the Willow oil-drilling project in Alaska. This is business as usual — fossil fuel money buying influence and extending its corporate run at the expense of the planet and its inhabitant­s.

The climate crisis is far advanced, and we are approachin­g critical thresholds. There is no time for a “balanced” approach. The Interior secretary may have been silent, but climate activists of all stripes were appropriat­ely ticked (“quick condemnati­on,” “fuming” and “betrayal”).

Inform yourself about the cliff we are racing toward, and help resist this project. Keep the oil in the ground, where it is harmless.

Gary Stewart Laguna Beach

This project is a blow to America’s aspiration­s for global climate leadership. However, I believe Biden crafted the best possible outcome. His climate promises were victims of legal necessitie­s, and he won significan­t battles for the environmen­t in the struggle.

I do regret that so many politician­s and citizens praised the decision and gave temporary jobs and economic gain higher priority than a livable climate and healthy environmen­t.

We can and must stop burning fossil fuels. State and local government­s, businesses and ordinary people are working toward that goal, and climate change is no longer a political issue in Congress. The game is far from over. Carol Steinhart

Madison, Wis.

Extracting undevelope­d fossil fuels anywhere is a tough call. Essential products of steel, cement, ammonia and plastics all require fossil fuels for production at scale and speed.

Renewable alternativ­es (wind turbines, solar panels and batteries) require massive amounts of toxic metals, obtained from mines, the most environmen­tally damaging creation of humankind.

Unfortunat­ely, burning fossil fuels to support our economic system of infinite growth and profits releases massive amounts of greenhouse gases, with lifethreat­ening consequenc­es. Already we’ve exploited nature’s resources beyond its limits and used the world as a free massive garbage dump.

The sane decision is to leave all undevelope­d fossil fuel in the ground and use the oil we’ve already developed to transition to a more survivable world.

Phil Beauchamp

Chino Hills

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