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LGUSD board rejects artificial turf


They aren't paving paradise with plastic. Indeed, the Los Gatos Union School District board put environmen­t and children first by choosing drought-tolerant natural grass for elementary school fields, averting a source of future worry and potential problems with plastic.

Thank you to all those who contribute­d to this positive outcome for our children, from those who first noticed artificial turf being considered last year to those at the April meeting where it was voted down.

A survey of 2,700 students' parents showed a super majority of almost 80% of voters supported natural grass, as did over 60% of teachers. With results like that, an outcome other than natural grass may have been controvers­ial, but the final decision was the board's, and they chose drought-tolerant natural grass because it is simply the best choice.

Thank you, LGUSD board and Los Gatos community!

— Leanne Mcauliffe,

Los Gatos

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