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Police should extend courtesy to all drivers they pull over


As a driver during 63 years, I have been stopped rarely for minor traffic and tail light violations. After showing my license, my errors have been politely explained, along with advice on how to improve my driving. Sometimes I’ve forgotten my driver’s license and have had to go to traffic court. I have paid my fines, and after age 50, I have taken senior driver education classes to make me a safer driver.

I wish this good treatment would be extended to all drivers regardless of race, color, sexuality, age, ethnicity, physical handicaps or English speaking ability.

I am outraged and saddened by the treatment of Tyre Nichols, a loving father of a 4-yearold son and member of a closeknit family. In addition, I have seen videos of his amazing ability at skateboard­ing acrobatics.

Various TV news stations showed videos of the stop by five elite SCORPION police officers, to whom he showed his driver’s license and asked, “What did I do?” Rather than answer that reasonable question, they cursed him, yanked open the door of his vehicle, roughly forced him to the ground, handcuffed him behind his back and proceeded to repeatedly pepper-spray him, beat, punch, and kick him as he cried out for his mom. When he managed briefly to run away, they quickly caught up with him and beat him unconsciou­s. Ambulance personnel waited a long time to take him to the hospital, where he died three days later.

I have viewed this horror over and over, unable to make any sense out of it. The Black community, joined by diverse concerned citizens, demonstrat­ed against this miscarriag­e of justice, as they have for so many decades for so many of our brothers and sisters of color, whose legacies will be forever carried on.

This is not the America I pray I can someday believe in.

— Deborah Stucklen, Loveland

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