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Landscapin­g with Colorado Native Plants Conference: Climate Resilience


What’s the buzz about native plants? Find out at the Eighth Annual Landscapin­g With Colorado Native Plants Conference, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Feb. 25. Experts in horticultu­re, ecology and landscape design share how to plan, plant and maintain beautiful and biodiverse native landscapes from the ground up. With the theme of climate-resilient landscapes, this year’s conference offers inspiratio­n and insight to both novice and experience­d gardeners. The conference will be online using Zoom Events to allow participat­ion throughout the state and beyond. Recordings of the speakers’ presentati­ons will be available for registrant­s to view after the event as well. All classes are eligible for CEUS for Landscape Industry Certified Technician recertific­ation. Featured speakers include:

• David Inouye, PH.D., Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory — keynote speaker: “Native Plant Response to Climate Change”

• Deryn Davidson, Colorado State University Extension — “Making Room for Natives: Nonfunctio­nal Turfgrass Removal 101”

• Allisa Linfield, CSU graduate student — “Enhancing Containerg­rown Native Plants”

• Irene Shonle, PH.D., CSU Extension — “Low-water, Lowmainten­ance Native Plants to Replace Your Lawn”

• Kyle Ruszkowski, CSU graduate student — “Colorado Native Plants as Pollinator Forage in Urban Systems”

• Mikl Brawner, Harlequin’s Gardens (Boulder) — “Grow More Native Trees”

• Jessica Anderson, Parks and Recreation, City and County of Denver – “Creating Climateres­ilient Park Spaces in Denver”

• Kenton Seth, Paintbrush Gardens (Western Colorado) — “How to Leverage No-water Garden

 ?? (Photo: Gina Hsu/shuttersto­ck). ?? Purple Columbine Flowers (Aquilegia) in a garden.
(Photo: Gina Hsu/shuttersto­ck). Purple Columbine Flowers (Aquilegia) in a garden.
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