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Vin­tage Air Sets the Bench­mark for Keep­ing Your Clas­sic Car Cool

In the ’70s it was com­mon prac­tice to cruise the boule­vard with no

A/C. Fast-for­ward to present day and a lot has changed. For starters, the United States EPA re­vealed that the con­tigu­ous 48 states have ex­pe­ri­enced a 0.14 de­gree F in­crease in av­er­age sur­face tem­per­a­ture ev­ery decade since 1901—in sim­ple English that means tem­per­a­tures have been in­creas­ing each year and it’s not only made it un­com­fort­able to be out­side, but even worse to cruise.

That be­ing said, hav­ing no A/C in your ride makes for a hor­ri­ble time, not to men­tion a smelly one, at that. Look, we all know it’s true; we all know the one guy (it might even be you) who just got out of his car with

his once light gray tee now out­lined with sweat—and he’s the same guy who usu­ally wants to give you a hand dap fol­lowed by a salty hug. Now if that’s not enough to make things un­com­fort­able, think about all the sweat that’s be­ing soaked into your seats. OK you get the point.

To solve that prob­lem, Vin­tage Air has long been the stan­dard for clas­sic car air con­di­tion­ing so­lu­tions and now they’re tak­ing it one step fur­ther with their bolt-in SureFit sys­tems. Avail­able for a large num­ber of ’60s and ’70s ve­hi­cles, they are elec­tron­i­cally con­trolled and pro­vide users with heat, cold, and de­frost sys­tems that are de­signed to bolt into your car or truck.

Vin­tage Air SureFit kits are the most com­plete, bolt-in, cli­mate­con­trol sys­tems avail­able for clas­sic lowrid­ers, mus­cle cars, resto­mods, and trucks. The kits in­stall eas­ily and uti­lize most of the fac­tory sheet­metal and body fea­tures and are en­gi­neered as "ve­hi­cle-spe­cific" com­plete sys­tems. With the ev­er­in­creas­ing value of clas­sic cars, they have en­gi­neered th­ese kits to be in­stalled us­ing as many of the fac­tory-drilled holes and brack­ets as pos­si­ble to main­tain the ve­hi­cle’s value. In some cases, very mi­nor ad­just­ments or an ex­tra hole may be re­quired. This is be­cause all auto man­u­fac­tur­ers made changes to their ve­hi­cle as­sem­bly de­signs dur­ing pro­duc­tion runs.

In ad­di­tion, SureFit kits are de­signed to place the evap­o­ra­tor case and air duct hoses be­hind the dash for a fac­tory-clean look. In most cases, the SureFit sys­tem will be con­trolled by your stock dash con­trols us­ing Vin­tage

Air’s ex­clu­sive patented Cable Con­vert­ers. In some ap­pli­ca­tions, a new "fac­tory" look con­trol panel is in­cluded with the kit. Some early truck kits must use ad­di­tional switches.

Of course, there’s a small list of cars that don’t have “ready to go” kits, but if that oc­curs then you can al­ways uti­lize their “Builder Se­ries” univer­sal com­po­nents to keep the sit­u­a­tion cool. Check out Vin­tage Air’s fea­tured sys­tem right here; if you have any ques­tions, don’t sweat it, just visit Vin­tage Air on­line.

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