Meguiar's re­lease their lat­est ar­se­nal of pow­er­ful but safe clean­ing products

Show me some­one with a clean car and I’ll walk over and shake his or her hand. Tell me about some­one with a dirty car and I’ll drive over and give them a hand. The bot­tom line is: There is no ex­cuse to drive a dirty car.

When you think about it, you spend a good por­tion of your life in your car so why not take care of it? Now, I get it; we’re pressed for time, too lazy, and some­times too cheap to get a de­tail, but nowa­days there’s sim­ply no ex­cuse thanks to the ad­vance­ment of tech­nol­ogy and com­pa­nies like Meguiar’s who take pride in giv­ing us the most ef­fi­cient, ef­fec­tive car care products on the mar­ket.

In this is­sue, we’ll be go­ing over three of my fa­vorite products from their lineup. Their wa­ter­less wash and wax spritz is sim­ply in­cred­i­ble, their leather balm is a breeze to use, and their glass cleaner is by far the eas­i­est way to a streak-free clean. That said, here’s a break­down of each prod­uct. Be sure to try them out be­cause a clean car is the sign of a happy cam­per and the best way to pro­tect your in­vest­ment.

Ul­ti­mate Wa­ter­less Wash & Wax

If you want to give your car a wa­ter­less wash and wax then look no fur­ther than Meguiar’s lat­est prod­uct. Their no-scratch for­mula con­ve­niently and gen­tly washes and adds wax protection in one easy step. No hose, bucket, or rins­ing re­quired!

Us­ing ad­vanced chem­istry, this spe­cial for­mula con­tains a water spot–free cleaner with high lu­bric­ity. Use it ac­cord­ing to the in­struc­tions and it will pro­tect the sur­face against swirling and scratch­ing. Each bot­tle could eas­ily clean three to four ve­hi­cles.

The ad­vanced poly­mer chem­istry leaves be­hind a glossy, syn­thetic wax bar­rier that lasts weeks, and even bet­ter is that it’s safe and ef­fec­tive on all glossy paints and clearcoat fin­ishes, as well as glass, chrome, pol­ished me­tals, and plas­tic trim.

Ideal for those with no ac­cess to a hose, who live in a city or apart­ment, or are un­der water re­stric­tions in their area, this is the must-have spray.

Ul­ti­mate Leather Balm

We all love leather. It’s a sta­tus sym­bol that doesn’t come cheap, but then again, it costs to be the boss. While leather is easy to keep clean, it’s def­i­nitely not main­te­nance-free. Re­mem­ber leather is a skin, and much like your own it does re­quire pe­ri­odic con­di­tions.

With Meguiar’s Ul­ti­mate Leather Balm, ap­ply­ing a thin coat­ing with the in­cluded ap­pli­ca­tor pad eas­ily solves the prob­lem. Con­tain­ing the very best in­gre­di­ents, part of their for­mula in­cludes nat­u­ral botan­i­cals to pro­vide the ul­ti­mate hy­dra­tion and con­di­tion­ing for leather seats and other leather in­te­rior sur­faces. Use it on your seats, dash­board, or steer­ing wheel, Ul­ti­mate Leather Balm will leave leather sur­faces look­ing soft and con­di­tioned. No greasy film. No over-shiny look. Ac­tive in­gre­di­ents in this in­cred­i­ble balm are jo­joba bean oil and co­conut but­ter and it also in­cludes a UV sun­screen to help pro­tect and keep leather look­ing like new.

Per­fect Clar­ity Glass Cleaner

Streaks, haze, or dirty glass is a recipe for dis­as­ter and an ab­so­lute nono. It drives you mad while you drive, an­noys you when you’re try­ing to ad­mire your fresh wash, but now Meguiar’s has a prod­uct to help re­solve that prob­lem.

With their new Per­fect Clar­ity Glass Cleaner, clean­ing your glass is as sim­ple as it should be. This new prod­uct con­tains a unique lu­bri­cant that cre­ates an easy slide ef­fect be­tween the prod­uct and any cloth sur­face, en­sur­ing that no residue is left be­hind.

De­signed with car guys in mind, this easy-to-use prod­uct comes in trig­ger or aerosol spray ver­sions and helps con­sumers ob­tain that ef­fort­less, pro­fes­sional look in only a few quick squirts. With the abil­ity to ap­ply in direct sun­light, Meguiar’s Per­fect Clar­ity Glass is a must-have for your daily driver, show car, and even your home.

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