A Cleaner, More Com­pact LS?



It’s true and all pos­si­ble thanks to Hol­ley’s new Mid-Mount Com­plete Ac­ces­sory Sys­tem

If you’re like me, per­for­mance is a must; but as equally im­por­tant are the vis­ual aes­thet­ics of the mo­tor. So when Hol­ley came out with this new prod­uct I was sim­ply blown away. From a vis­ual stand­point, Hol­ley’s Mid-Mount Com­plete Ac­ces­sory Drive Sys­tem for GM LS en­gines is by far one of the most ex­cit­ing prod­ucts I’ve seen in a while. Serv­ing form, func­tion, and fash­ion, the ad­di­tion of this kit turns any or­di­nary LS into a clean, more com­pact en­gine, leav­ing you more time to fo­cus on the power.

At first glance, the vis­ual im­pact of this kit is huge. By bring­ing all the en­gine ac­ces­sories closer and snug­ger to the en­gine, the Mid-Mount Ac­ces­sory Sys­tem will still re­tain all your en­gine ac­ces­sories with­out the use of any brack­ets—yes, no more brack­ets. At the heart of it all is the revo­lu­tion­ary “bracketless” de­sign (patent pend­ing). The unit is called the “mid-mount” be­cause it of­fers all the ben­e­fits of “high” and “low” mount kits in a pack­age that is much sleeker and vis­ually ex­cit­ing to look at. This new de­sign al­lows users to mount all ac­ces­sories di­rectly off the wa­ter pump, which will work on all stan­dard wet sump, non-fac­tory su­per­charged GM LS en­gines.

The Mid-Mount drive com­pletes Hol­ley’s tril­ogy of ac­ces­sory so­lu­tions with this third op­tion, fol­low­ing the pre­vi­ously re­leased High- and Low-Mount sys­tems. It brings ev­ery­thing to­gether per­fectly and con­tains ev­ery­thing you need in a sin­gle sys­tem: a wa­ter pump, A/C com­pres­sor, al­ter­na­tor, power steer­ing pump and reser­voir, crank damper, and all the belts and pul­leys for a fast, easy in­stal­la­tion. Even heater­hose adapters, a power steer­ing to -6 AN hard­line, and al­ter­na­tor plug/har­ness are in­cluded.

Two sys­tems are avail­able in a stan­dard and premium ver­sion. The premium comes com­plete with dress-up pulley cov­ers and an SFI-cer­ti­fied damper. Hol­ley pairs this damper with a bil­let 6061-T6 alu­minum hard-an­odized pulley. Both sys­tems fea­ture the all-new Hol­ley-de­signed al­ter­na­tor, which em­ploys hair­pin/square wire, six-phase tech­nol­ogy re­cently de­buted on C7 Corvettes. The car­tridge-style wa­ter pump makes ser­vice­abil­ity sim­ple and also has C7 ties. The com­pact, re­li­able SD7 A/C com­pres­sor and Type II power steer­ing pump with a baf­fled reser­voir are also in­te­grated.

The only dif­fer­ences on the stan­dard model are the dele­tion of the pulley cov­ers and the pulley/ damper, which is OE-style. Hol­ley part­nered with an OE sup­plier to de­velop a cus­tom crank assem­bly just like the orig­i­nal pulley/damper that came from the fac­tory.

Be­cause all the ac­ces­sories are fully in front of the cylin­der heads, the Hol­ley Premium Mid-Mount Ac­ces­sory Drive Sys­tem adds about ¾ inch to the front of the en­gine—a small price to pay for this el­e­gant, com­pact so­lu­tion.

Hol­ley Mid-Mount "Premium" pack­age shown here in full sys­tem ef­fect.

Dare to com­pare!

Bracketless Pulley Sys­tem pulls all your ac­ces­sories in tighter for a cleaner, com­pact look.

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