Prod­uct High­lights:

Lowrider - - TECH -

-Tra­di­tional, in­can­des­cent light­ing il­lu­mi­nates around the perime­ter of the dial.

-Kit in­cludes fuel level sender (240E/33F), oil pres­sure sender, wa­ter tem­per­a­ture sender, two-wire hall­ef­fect speed sender that is com­pat­i­ble with GM/Chrysler ap­pli­ca­tions (7⁄8 inch, 18THD), send­ing unit adapters (1⁄4-, 3⁄8, and 1⁄2-inch NPT adapters), bulb and socket as­sem­blies, red and green bulb cov­ers, mount­ing hard­ware, and de­tailed in­struc­tions for in­stal­la­tion.

-Auto Me­ter’s race-proven air-core elec­tric in­stru­ments pro­vide quick and ac­cu­rate read­ings while keep­ing haz­ardous flu­ids out­side of the ve­hi­cle.

-12- and 16V com­pat­i­ble with nearly ev­ery street or race car’s elec­tri­cal sys­tem.

-Speedome­ter has a sim­ple push but­ton, 2-mile drive cal­i­bra­tion. No dip switches and can be re­pro­gramed at any time to ac­com­mo­date changes in gear ra­tio or wheel and tire com­bi­na­tion.

-Speedome­ter is com­pat­i­ble with most two-wire sine wave and three-wire hall-ef­fect ve­hi­cle speed sen­sors.

-Speedome­ter fea­tures lit LCD odome­ter ca­pa­ble of reg­is­ter­ing 1 mil­lion miles with two re­set­table trip odome­ters.

-4 in 1 gauge de­sign saves valu­able real es­tate on your dash while al­low­ing you to mon­i­tor crit­i­cal pa­ram­e­ters.

Clas­sic ap­peal, mod­ern in­stru­ment of soul.

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