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Un­crate the full po­ten­tial of your crate mo­tor with FiTech

Hard starts. Prim­ing. Pray­ing. Gas fumes. Those have all be­come com­mon rit­u­als for any­one who owns a car­bu­reted ve­hi­cle, but thanks to FiTech it can all be a thing of the past. With the re­lease of their Go Street EFI Throt­tle Body EFI sys­tems, own­ers of 350 crate mo­tors can now have per­for­mance EFI at a frac­tion of the cost.

The Go Street EFI is a ready-torun sys­tem that strays away from the pro­gram­mable fea­tures and sticks to the ba­sic func­tions nec­es­sary to get the best per­for­mance and econ­omy out of your build.

Equipped with a self-learn­ing hand com­puter means you no longer have to own—or lug around—a lap­top, and in­stal­la­tion of the Go Street EFI 400hp kit is re­ally as easy as re­move and re­place. Once you’ve re­moved the carb and re­placed it with the Go Street EFI man­i­fold, users will fol­low the de­tailed in­struc­tions to con­nect all re­quired sen­sors, and af­ter punch­ing in a few in­puts, such as the cu­bic inches of your mo­tor, tar­get idle speed, and camshaft size, all you do is wait for the sys­tem to pres­sur­ize, turn the key, and let the hand­held com­puter cre­ate the per­fect fuel map for op­ti­mum per­for­mance.

De­signed for 350 crate mo­tors push­ing up to 400 hp, this sta­teof-the-art EFI sys­tem is their flag­ship kit that de­liv­ers all the same qual­ity com­po­nents and en­gi­neer­ing as found in their high-line sys­tems. The only re­quire­ment nec­es­sary is that your car is equipped with a high­pres­sure fuel pump/sys­tem that meets—and is com­pat­i­ble with— the man­u­fac­turer’s rec­om­mended spec­i­fi­ca­tions, or you can run ei­ther of the sug­gested Fuel Com­mand Cen­ters (4005 or 4003) from FiTech.

With a kit this af­ford­able, the Go Street EFI is a must-have for any­one who’s se­ri­ous about per­for­mance and re­li­a­bil­ity. Be­cause at the end of the day we should be out there en­joy­ing the fruit of our la­bor and not tin­ker­ing around just to try and get it run­ning right. Have a look for your­self and check­out FiTech’s EFI street or boule­vard fea­tures.


• Self Learn­ing-Ex­treme SelfLearn­ing for wide range su­per-fast dial-in cor­rec­tion

• Suit­able for crate en­gines and mild per­for­mance en­gines

• Pre-pro­grammed with Bolt-NGo tech­nol­ogy for out-of-the-box per­for­mance with no tun­ing re­quired

• EZ tach in­put, reads tach sig­nal from Coil, HEI, MSD/CDI, and many other brand ig­ni­tions (no tim­ing con­trol)

• For non-boosted en­gines—

nor­mally as­pi­rated ap­pli­ca­tions only

• Wide­band 4.2; on­board fuel pump driver

• An­nu­lar dis­charge de­sign; hand­held tun­ing mod­ule for per­for­mance tun­ing

• One fan con­trol and A/C in­put (kicks up idle); FiTech flow matched 62-pound in­jec­tors; at­trac­tive cast fin­ish

FiTech Fuel In­jec­tion

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