The Ul­ti­mate Power Source



With­out power you have noth­ing to con­trol

Pirelli’s slo­gan “Power is Noth­ing With­out Con­trol” does hold truth, but be­fore you trans­fer all that power to your wheels, you’re first go­ing to have to start (lit­er­ally) the en­tire process, and it all be­gins with your bat­tery. That said, Op­tima, the lead­ers in au­to­mo­tive bat­tery tech­nol­ogy, have in­tro­duced two new prod­ucts that will change the way you see bat­ter­ies and bat­tery main­te­nance.

As the global lead­ers in high­per­for­mance au­to­mo­tive bat­ter­ies, Op­tima is al­ways look­ing for ways to set the bench­mark. The re­lease of their new Yel­low­top bat­tery with DIN fit­ment is proof pos­i­tive to their com­mit­ment to ex­cel­lence.

Op­tima Yel­low­top with DIN Fit­ment

If you’re look­ing for the ul­ti­mate power source us­ing Pure­flow Tech­nol­ogy , Op­tima’s Yel­low­top with DIN fit­ment so­lu­tion is your an­swer. Fea­tur­ing two first-to-mar­ket de­signs, the ra­dial grid for un­sur­passed elec­tri­cal flow and di­rect-path cast-on straps for in­creased con­nec­tiv­ity, these key de­sign fea­tures, com­bined with the best-in-class ma­te­rial pu­rity, al­low for high-en­ergy flow and an ex­tremely ef­fi­cient recharge.

So what does all this tech­ni­cal jar­gon mean? In sim­ple lay­man’s terms it means that the life­span of Op­tima bat­ter­ies is up to three times longer than the com­pe­ti­tion while also of­fer­ing more than 15 times the vi­bra­tion re­sis­tance (a must for lowrid­ers). Be­cause of its non-spill­able bat­tery de­sign, this means own­ers can mount the bat­tery in any po­si­tion and the bat­tery’s lower self-dis­charg­ing rates re­sult in longer stor­age and shelf life.

When your ride needs to pull into the pit stop or garage for some bat­tery charg­ing time, hook them up with the best bat­tery charg­ing unit out there. Don’t juice up with­out this!

Op­tima Dig­i­tal 1200: Charg­ing and Main­te­nance

The Op­tima Dig­i­tal 1200 makes other charg­ers ob­so­lete and with charge times dou­ble of its clos­est com­peti­tor, it’s a sure­fire win­ner. This Dig­i­tal 1200 bat­tery charger/main­tainer will keep your bat­ter­ies in peak con­di­tion and the ad­vanced mi­cro­pro­ces­sor will en­sure that you don’t over­charge your bat­tery!

De­signed with ad­vanced dig­i­tal charg­ing tech­nol­ogy, the Dig­i­tal

1200 de­liv­ers multi-stage charg­ing,

con­di­tion­ing, au­to­matic bat­tery main­tain­ing, and re­con­di­tion­ing modes in ad­di­tion to quick set con­trols and an in­dus­try-lead­ing

LCD in­for­ma­tion dis­play cen­ter. The Dig­i­tal 1200 is “The Ul­ti­mate Power Source” for all your bat­tery charg­ing and main­te­nance needs. The ul­tra­premium Dig­i­tal 1200 will fully charge and main­tain all types of 12V bat­ter­ies while sig­nif­i­cantly ex­tend­ing their lives.

But what makes them bet­ter? It’s the re­search and de­sign put into each unit (and where they source the in­for­ma­tion from) that makes the ul­ti­mate dif­fer­ence. As a di­vi­sion of the world’s largest bat­tery man­u­fac­turer, Op­tima is able to lever­age sig­nif­i­cant en­gi­neer­ing re­sources and data to de­velop a su­pe­rior bat­tery-charg­ing al­go­rithm.

Fur­ther­more, the Op­tima Dig­i­tal 1200 will charge deeply dis­charged bat­ter­ies as low as 1.25 V and by break­ing up sul­fa­tion in your bat­tery,

the Op­tima charger will sig­nif­i­cantly ex­tend your bat­tery life.

But there’s more! The Op­tima Dig­i­tal 1200 will also safely charge and main­tain your bat­tery even dur­ing long-term stor­age with au­to­matic restart in the event of power dis­rup­tion, tem­per­a­ture-com­pen­sated charg­ing, and sev­eral in­no­va­tive fea­tures to pre­vent over­charge even in the event of bat­tery fail­ure.

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