When a lowrider is build­ing his cars, choos­ing color schemes and body de­sign pat­terns, he is think­ing about the fi­nal re­sult as a mas­ter­piece wor­thy of be­ing dis­played at the finest car shows. What we fail to re­al­ize some­times is that there may be lit­tle eyes watch­ing the process and tak­ing note of the many artis­tic de­tails com­ing to­gether on a build­ing cre­ation. Such was the case with Al­bert Galaviz and his daugh­ter, Megan. As Al­bert built lowrid­ers through­out her en­tire child­hood, Megan be­came in­flu­enced from a very young age by the color play and de­sign­ing as­pects that she watched her fa­ther cre­ate, as well as all the very cre­ative car artistry from her dad's car club cus­tom builds. Aside from build­ing lowrid­ers, Megan also saw her dad build model cars, paint­ing them with cre­ative de­tails. In­stead of pay­ing at­ten­tion at school, she found herself draw­ing and doo­dling. Her mind be­came in­spired by all the “art” around her.

As she grew older, she be­gan to ex­per­i­ment with dif­fer­ent medi­ums, such as wa­ter­col­ors, col­ored pen­cils, and oils. By 2015, she re­al­ized that art would be the di­rec­tion her life was head­ing into and be­gan post­ing her work on her so­cial me­dia ac­count. While she never sought to be praised,

she never ex­pected the neg­a­tiv­ity that some peo­ple be­gan to post in her com­ments sec­tion. “No one will ever pay you for that,” was one com­ment that hit her hard. Mo­ti­vated by that same neg­a­tiv­ity, Megan threw herself deeper into her art, find­ing that paint­ing with oils was es­pe­cially ther­a­peu­tic. At 16 years old, her first art piece sold for $250 in a Down­town Phoenix art gallery. Nowa­days, her art can be found dis­played in var­i­ous Phoenix gal­leries and she is con­sid­ered a le­git­i­mate upand-com­ing artist, with a wait-list time of sev­eral months. Her ver­sa­til­ity and ded­i­ca­tion is well known in the artist com­mu­nity, and her young age only adds to her clout.

Megan’s dream is to be­come a video game de­signer or per­haps even a Dis­ney/Pixar artist, but for now she is happy shut­ting out the neg­a­tiv­ity and break­ing through her grow­ing artis­tic abil­i­ties. While she looks to the fu­ture of her art, she re­mem­bers the ori­gins too … lit­tle eyes watch­ing as those candy paint schemes and lines are laid down onto a lowrider, and all the de­tails that go into cre­at­ing a work of art.

Megan has a pas­sion for the cul­ture that she ex­presses through her artis­tic tal­ent.

Noth­ing like some neg­a­tivety to mo­ti­vate tal­ent within.

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