De­liv­er­ing a Dream

Ar­mando Oliva's '58 Chevy Del­ray De­liv­ery


Dreams are a pow­er­ful tool.

They mo­ti­vate us, push us past our com­fort zone, and, to be honest, the thought of an un­ful­filled dream is a ter­ri­ble thing to deal with. While deal­ing with the daily rit­u­als of life, our dreams are of­ten set aside. Each pass­ing year pushes that goal back but in the end, an un­ful­filled dream af­fects not only the dreamer but the ones clos­est to them. This is the story of how one fam­ily pulled to­gether to help a brother in need.

Like most sib­lings, Ar­mando Oliva spent plenty of time with his brother, Ish­mael. In fact, it was Ish­mael who in­tro­duced him to the world of lowrid­ing. A fan of lowrid­ing, to say the least, his brother had a dream of restor­ing a '58 Del­ray De­liv­ery, but

those dreams came to a halt when he fell ill.

“My brother owned the '58 De­liv­ery for well over 40 years,” Ar­mando says. Upon find­ing out how ill he had be­come Ar­mando knew that he had to ful­fill his brother’s dream, so he went to pick up the ve­hi­cle, which was es­sen­tially grafted into his back­yard. The ve­hi­cle had been sit­ting so long that the weight and con­stant ero­sion of the soil be­neath it made it a task to re­move. The Del­ray was lit­er­ally dug out of the ground and what was once a de­cent project was now more of an aban­doned metal pot for weeds and a home for ro­dents.

To be­gin the project, Ar­mando first washed off all the de­bris that had ac­cu­mu­lated through­out the years. He took the car down to its frame, re­placed rot­ted floors and quar­ter-pan­els, while Tony Soto re­built the en­gine. With parts out at the chromers, the body was worked, prepped, and sprayed down with a

Sun­rise Pearl by Ralph Jimenez. Tim Fast then added layers of striping while Pete’s Up­hol­stery con­cocted an il­lus­tri­ous in­te­rior cabin.

The end re­sult was a com­pleted project that looks like a mil­lion bucks, but they man­aged to keep the build costs low. Along with his brother, Abel, his sons, An­gel and An­drew, and his broth­ers-in-law, Ralph and Tony, the fam­ily’s ef­forts paid off just in time. Washed, waxed, and pol­ished to per­fec­tion, the fam­ily took the car for Ish­mael to see. “The look on my brother’s face is some­thing that we will never for­get!” Ar­mando says. And al­though Ish­mael is no longer with us, his dream was brought to life thanks to the love and sup­port of his fam­ily.

The Ax­alta Sun­rise Pear­les­cent paintjob de­liv­ers bril­liantly for this Del­ray De­liv­ery.

The Del­ray was named after Del­ray Beach in Florida.

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