One may think build­ing a lowrider is all about cre­at­ing some­thing that looks good when it’s parked, but it’s not that sim­ple. In fact that’s just the end re­sult, and long be­fore do­ing so you want to make sure you (and your ride) can get there—and get there com­fort­able and safe.

Now, un­less you plan on leav­ing your lowrider parked in your garage, you’re go­ing to have to get to your in­tended des­ti­na­tion, and in do­ing so your car bet­ter be able to han­dle that. It’s re­ally a no-brainer that your car should run prop­erly, but ev­ery once in a while we’ll hear some­one long be­fore we see them. These are the guys who are squeak­ing around cor­ners, the guys who spent more on their paint than their per­for­mance, but to each its own.

The re­al­ity is that it’s re­ally easy to fo­cus our ef­forts on the show as­pect of build­ing a lowrider. I mean who doesn’t want to see straight pan­els, pris­tine chrome, the right paintjob, and the rims tuck un­der the fend­ers? But what about the me­chan­i­cals? What about the bush­ings?

Truth be told, bush­ings are a very im­por­tant part of your car’s sus­pen­sion. They help con­trol the sus­pen­sion of your car, and like car­ti­lage to the body the bush­ings cre­ate a buf­fer be­tween me­chan­i­cal com­po­nents. They not only help con­trol the ve­hi­cle, they pro­vide cushioning while re­duc­ing fric­tion be­tween com­po­nents, all the while iso­lat­ing vi­bra­tions.

Whereas candy and chrome is for on­look­ers to en­joy, re­plac­ing your bush­ings is some­thing you get to en­joy as the driver of the ve­hi­cle. If you’ve ever driven a lowrider with a di­aled-in sus­pen­sion it’s an en­tirely dif­fer­ent ex­pe­ri­ence. With a prop­erly done sus­pen­sion, your car be­comes an ex­ten­sion of your­self. You con­nect with the ve­hi­cle and you own the road. The days of mys­te­ri­ous wob­bles and rat­tling steel sus­pen­sion com­po­nent noises are gone, and to be honest there’s a new sense of pride and own­er­ship. That be­ing said, when it comes time to re­place your bush­ings there is only one name you need to know: En­ergy Sus­pen­sion.

Polyurethane bush­ings are what En­ergy Sus­pen­sion is best known for and it’s with good rea­son. This is their forte. This is their craft. Their polyurethane bush­ings are far more durable than rub­ber, will last the life­time of the car, and own­ers can choose from the sub­tle black or ag­gres­sive red com­po­nents. En­ergy Sus­pen­sion of­fers a full line of bush­ings for your mo­tor and trans­mis­sion mounts, sus­pen­sion com­po­nents, as well as rack-and-pin­ion bush­ings, con­trol arm bush­ings, the list goes on.

Here’s a break­down of some of our fa­vorite prod­ucts from En­ergy Sus­pen­sion:

En­ergy Sus­pen­sion polyurethane mo­tor and trans­mis­sion mount kits fea­ture the best of both worlds. Smooth for the streets and strong enough for the track, these torque-re­sis­tant bush­ings are com­pa­ra­ble in strength to solid metal mounts. Sim­ply put, they’ll give

you the per­for­mance you’re look­ing for.

Alu­minum body mounts are too harsh for street use. They tend to break, caus­ing dam­age to other parts, and while orig­i­nal rub­ber mounts are ac­cept­able, own­ers will soon find that they crack, dis­tort, crush, and soon enough fall off. With En­ergy Sus­pen­sion’s spe­cially for­mu­lated polyurethane body mount sets you no longer have to worry about qual­ity or longevity is­sues as they’re fit­ted with a steel ring molded into the end for added dura­bil­ity.

If your car's han­dling seems a bit on the sloppy side, re­place your mushy or miss­ing rub­ber bush­ings with En­ergy Sus­pen­sion’s polyurethane con­trol arm bush­ing sets. Avail­able for the front and rear, these polyurethane bush­ings are un­af­fected by oil, smog, road salt, and most chem­i­cals, so they won't soften, com­press, or dis­tort like rub­ber does.

So next time you turn the steer­ing wheel, take a high-speed cor­ner, or ac­ci­den­tally hit some pot­holes, En­ergy Sus­pen­sion con­trol arm bush­ing sets will give your ride the buf­fer and con­trol to han­dle the roads ahead.

En­ergy Sus­pen­sion link bush­ings are de­signed to fit most com­mon four-bar sys­tems. They in­clude gold, steel sleeves, and polyurethane bush­ings. The bush­ings are avail­able in black or red to match your other polyurethane ac­ces­sories.

Here you can see proof that these old con­trol arm rub­ber bush­ings hit too many pot­holes on the boule­vard and had to be re­placed. The new En­ergy Sus­pen­sion polyurethane bush­ings for con­trol arms are a de­pend­able so­lu­tion that re­sists the harsh­est flex­ing pres­sures of hy­draulic and air sus­pen­sions.

Hit the streets safe and in com­fort with the al­ways-de­pend­able sup­port of En­ergy Sus­pen­sions Polyurethane Bush­ings.


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