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Iconic, ma­jes­tic, grand, kitsch, the tops, the bot­toms, the kit and the ka­boo­dle, NY is one huge, mer­cu­rial melt­ing pot. She’s fash­ion-for­ward, sta­tus-con­scious, food and cul­ture cen­tric, both ex­as­per­at­ing and ex­hil­a­rat­ing, but never out of vogue. Wel­come to the fab­u­lous Win­tour Won­der­land.


There’s The Bronx, Brook­lyn, Staten Is­land and Queens, but New York City for most con­jures the vivid sky­line of Man­hat­tan, though up n’ comin’ bor­ough BK isn’t far be­hind. Es­tab­lish­ment Up­per East Side (UES), lox and bagels Up­per West Side (UWS), south of 14th St Man­hat­tan be­comes a city of hoods: SoHo, Tribeca, Meat­pack­ing (MePa), East, West and Green­wich Vil­lages, Nolita and the Lower East Side (LES). All have dif­fer­ent faces, and named streets.

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Au­tumn and spring are awe­some and Christ­mas-time is mag­i­cal; win­ter can be bru­tal and sum­mer can be swel­ter­ing, but there is, in fact, no bad time to visit Above 14th St in Man­hat­tan, it’s an easy breezy grid plan with av­enues run­ning north/south (gen­er­ally one-way al­ter­nat­ing di­rec­tion) and streets east (evens) and west (odds). Fifth Ave di­vides east/west JFK to down­town: 1 hr / $52.50 (plus tolls & tips) by cab Walk. New York is ex­tremely pedes­trian-friendly The 24hr sub­way is ef­fi­cient, safe and fast Sales tax is 8.875%, which is waived on cloth­ing and shoes un­der $110 (what, shoes for less than $110?!) Clued-in lo­cals hit bars, restau­rants and clubs on week­days. Am­a­teurs/the B&T set come out week­ends New York­ers have been known to be friendly. Don’t be afraid to ask for di­rec­tions or ad­vice Yel­low taxis are abun­dant, but im­pos­si­ble to find week­days around 8am and 4.30pm, and on rainy days Tip­ping is a mat­ter of life and death. In restau­rants and cafés, adding 15-20% works well, in bars add a dol­lar per drink. If the ser­vice re­ally sucks don’t tip, but be pre­pared to ex­plain your­self and/or run fast Check that a ser­vice charge hasn’t been added be­fore tip­ping (usu­ally done for group book­ings) Take ID ev­ery­where. It will be re­quired at the door of clubs and bars (no, they’re not flat­ter­ing you) Reser­va­tions are es­sen­tial at most restau­rants, but savvy New York­ers sim­ply dine at the bar. If not, wait in line, or you can try the old $20 bill hand­shake Smok­ing is banned vir­tu­ally ev­ery­where in­doors In­ter­na­tional code for Amer­ica is +1, lo­cal call­ing codes are 212, 646, 347 and 917, though don’t for­get you still need to add 1 be­fore you dial In case you haven’t heard, in emer­gen­cies dial 911

Two phrases that you will hear fre­quently...

Can I help you? : You look too poor to shop here and I have no in­ter­est in help­ing you now, or ever.

Sorry, we’re fully booked : You are un­known to me, you can­not eat here, and I’m not sorry at all. Good­bye.

Al­righty, point, point, point...

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